In 1946... 

...famous New York City gourmand Lucius Beebe wrote, “...a good deal of the history of New York has been written in its restaurants, saloons, night clubs, cafes, cabarets, bars, lounges, dining rooms, ordinaries, fish and chips, chophouses, dives, deadfalls, beer stubes, dram shops and all the allied institutions dedicated to stoking and sluicing of customers of any tastes and means. More than any other city on Earth, New York lives in public.” That could not be more true today than when it was written.

This bar is meant to be a celebration of our fair city. Where cocktail trends have celebrated a much older Pre-Prohibition New York, we have chosen the another setting in time for you to consider: The Present.

Our menu incorporates the three things we love about cocktail bars: history, service and mixology. It can sometimes be an indication of where things in our great metropolis are headed. Other times, it was our imaginations getting ahead of ourselves. Either way, it is always something new and fun. We mean to pique your curiosity but also challenge preconceived notions we all may have about bars. The city is evolving and so are we.

.Suffolk Arms is a modern cocktail pub by third-generation bartender Giuseppe González. Since opening in February, it's been a highly-personal project for Giuseppe, whose hospitality-driven approach to mixology has taken center stage.

The menu includes original cocktails that stretch the boundaries of creativity. We argue that drinks are now better made than at any point in cocktail history. Our drinks are devised by today’s pioneering craft bartenders who inspire us, like Julie Reiner, Gaz Regan and Audrey Saunders. We also features guest-centric omakase-style cocktails that are customized based on your spirit and flavor preferences.

We serve classic American fare by Chef Alex García with odes to ethnic cuisines that have enriched the Lower East Side’s gastronomic flair. Cuban-born Chef Alex is best known for his work at Calle Ocho, Patria and Babalu, as well as Food Network.