Knowledge is power, or so they say. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, as long as they're wanting to learn. If you're interested in knowing more about the recipes and techniques behind Suffolk Arms, or the many other great establishments of the world, you can request access below.

Welcome to the Suffolk Arms Public Rolodex.

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This is a special kind of book. It is really a public endeavor, but also an experiment in how we view hospitality in the bar industry.  We are firm believers that knowledge (and access to it) should always be free.  

The purpose is quite clear: We want to begin a larger discussion of creating an open source cocktail app that can be used globally by bartenders and consumers around the world.  We share our knowledge and, hopefully, you share yours.  This marks the beginning of that task.  Monetizing creative decisions can limit just how far we can grow as a community of people that care about innovating the bar industry.  Open access to books, recipes and ideas creates a larger discussion we are hoping to cultivate.

Thanks to the wonder of technology (and lots of hard work) we can share our personal recipes, those cocktails of colleagues we hold in deep esteem and cocktail books with the rest of the world in real time.  

What does that mean?  In essence, this book never stops getting written.  You will always have access to the latest edition.  You can download and modify any recipe to your own personal specification too by creating your own book.  We firmly believe in the plurality of perfection in all things gastronomic.  There is more than one way to make a Pina Colada or Martini the same way there is more than one way to make a pizza or cook a hamburger.  We only demonstrate our method and hope you can apply your own creativity to the task.  

The only real cost is your personal effort in that task.


We have linked the recipes and books through an app called Evernote so that they are easily searchable through your computer and/or smart phone.  You can filter through information quickly and make the task of finding any specific recipe or ingredient seamless.  The beautiful thing about using this app, along with our notebook, is that the more you use it; the less you will need it (eventually).  You learn.  We learn.  We all become better.

Recipes are tagged through ingredient, flavor profile, and creator.  Basically, anything we think would be relevant in your search.  For example, a search for drinks that are “bitter” with “gin” the query will pull any recipes that may be relevant to your search.  

It’s that simple.

This project involves hundreds of hours of work done over two years by myself and the bartenders at Suffolk Arms.  It is not perfect by any means.  We will constantly be updating it and making it better through time (and hopefully through your help).  Be patient with us and if you see any significant errors, politely let us know.  We are bartenders, not book editors.  We could use the help.  Like we said before, this book will never stop being written.  It is a lifelong task we gladly make in the pursuit of becoming better at our craft.

All of the recipes can be made relatively easy at any bar or home bar.  Honestly speaking, we are not preaching to anyone which alcohol brand-specific on what should go in any drink.  You can use whatever you prefer and actively encourage it at the Suffolk Arms.  However, you will find that the THE TWIN LIONS references 86 Co. Spirits exclusively when possible.  This was not done through any kind of financial incentive.  We simply support that company wholeheartedly and are invested in their success.  Integrity in what brands you actively support is important to us. Anything we carry behind the bar at Suffolk Arms we stand by wholeheartedly.   

As a plus, you can also access our SUFFOLK ARMS PUBLIC LIBRARY and download it in its entirety.  Over 60 books, written over a century, available to you at in the palm of your hand.  Easily searchable.  

If you have any thoughts on how we can become better, questions or concerns, you can email me personally: Giuseppe González.  
My email is:  I will gladly respond in due time.  
Good luck on your cocktail journey.  We hope you find it as awesome as we do.