The Suffolk Arms Cocktail Library is a collection of classic cocktail books that every bartender or cocktail enthusiast needs in order to explore the history of classics drink preparations.

If you wish to grow beyond our library, we will be continuously sharing books that are available through Google and other outlets. However, we STRONGLY suggest you visit our friends over at the EUVS Website. Jared and Anastasia Miller have curated the greatest library available online at no cost to anyone.  When we asked Anastasia why they created this site free for the world, her response was simple, “Sometimes you need to give back.”   It is one of our favorite resources we to use and are incredibly appreciate of them taking on this laborious task.  

We personally share their beliefs in making more than a century of knowledge accessible to our industry.  We will continuously be updating this site with books we feel are relevant to our guests.  Please come back for updates.  

All of the books are free to download and available for personal enrichment.  We have linked them through Evernote so that they are easily searchable through your computer and smart phone.  Your books can easily filter through information and make the task of finding any specific recipe or ingredient.  

You can download Evernote here. The app is free.